vinyl record storage

Vinyl Record Storage

March 8, 2017, by , under Records

Well cared for records can last a lifetime. Poorly treated records will degrade fast,  sound terrible and become worthless. One thing every vinyl enthusiast needs to take care with is STORAGE. Proper storage of your records when they’re not in use is imperative to keeping them in good condition. Firstly, to prevent warping always store your records vertically and away from extreme temperature or humidity changes. Never lay your records flat! This is a sure way to warp them over time. Dust and dirt are your worst enemy, and the best solution here is prevention. Always store your records in their sleeve and place them inside the cover. Aim to keep the amount of time that a record is exposed to airborne dust and dirt particles to an absolute minimum. You can also give records an extra layer of protection by storing them in plastic outer sleeves.

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